iQuip will let you easily add notes or quotes to your login window. It’s mostly written to give you a little quote or fortune, but I use it for something more important to me.

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article called “How To Prepare For A Stolen Mac.” One of the suggestions I offered was to put a note in your login window that reads something like:

“This computer belongs to Brian Stucki. If you have found or purchased this machine, please contact Brian at 702-555-2332 or A reward is offered for it’s safe return.”

It’s probably a good idea not to put a physical address because if your computer is stolen at a coffee shop or library, you wouldn’t want to make it to easy for the theif to be pointed toward your home.

Yes, I know this can be overwritten with a OS re-install, but if your computer ever gets stolen, you’re really going to hope wish that you did everything you could to get it back.

Help protect others:

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