Klondike Forever

Klondike Forever

Klondike Forever is a great solitaire application with some very nice features. It may be the best Solitaire app for the Mac. (No offense to Solitaire XL. I love that clean look too.)

There are many types of Solitaire, but Klondike is the most popular by far. I love this version because it makes it fast to play the game. Instead of dragging the card to where it needs to go, just click it and it will fly to it’s place. Also, whenever a card is ready to be stacked in the four ace piles, it will fly up on it’s own. (As a bonus, it won’t fly up until it is used completely in the bottom. That’s smart.)

Oh, you all know how to play Klondike, just go give it a try. You’ll be surprised how nice it’s done. (And it can go full screen.)

(If you want to try 100 other types of solitaire, try the developer’s Solitaire Forever.)

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