Lithium is a very powerful app for monitoring servers and just about everything else. This app won’t be for everyone, but for those of you who need something like this you’ll LOVE it.

I saw this application in a demonstration at Macworld. I was so impressed with it and I was really happy to see that they offer a “lite” version that only limits the number of devices you can monitor. But if you have a small network in your house or you’ve used our tutorials to set up a Mac mini as a server then this will work just fine. It does take a bit of a set up, but they offer videos for setting it up on Mac OS X.

From the developer’s site:

LITHIUM Network Monitoring Platform is an integrated and feature rich network, server and appliance monitoring and management platform. Designed to provide an end-to-end solution, Lithium includes automated device monitoring, out-of-the-box support for SNMP and an integrated trouble-ticket case management system.
The platform is built around a scalable, modular architecture that incorporates a Unix-based server-side component (Core) to perform automated device monitoring, data collection, analysis and storage and to manage the multi-user case management system. Core is available for Mac OS X (Client/Server) and Linux (Debian, Fedora, RHEL and CentOS).

Windows and Mac OS X clients (Console) provide the user with a graphically rich and interactive monitoring and management console that delivers integration and efficient work-flow beyond the capabilities of web-based applications alone. A web-based interface (Web) delivers an anywhere, anytime, portal to view all network monitoring data without the need for client applications from any web-enabled device.

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